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Release of 3rd Quarter 2014 Public Housing Data


17 Oct 2012

 Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development Lee Yi Shyan launched the exhibition “Punggol: Discover Possibilities” this morning (17 Oct 2012). The exhibition showcases the broad plans for Punggol’s next development phase and is part of HDB’s efforts to consult and seek public feedback on the coming plans for Punggol.

2SMS Lee also launched the inaugural HDB Professional Engagement And Knowledge-sharing Forum (PEAK Forum). The PEAK Forum represents HDB’s focused engagement with professionals in the building and construction industry. This is an initiative which aims to provide a platform for the sharing of best practices and help steer the industry towards design and construction excellence.

3As part of the PEAK Forum, SMS Lee unveiled the new HDB Construction Productivity Framework. Through this framework, HDB targets to raise construction productivity by 20 to 25 percent by 2020.

“Punggol: Discover Possibilities” – New ideas for the next phase of Punggol’s development

4At the HDB Awards event held on Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012, Minister for National Development Mr Khaw Boon Wan announced the next phase of Punggol’s development.

5The “Punggol: Discover Possibilities” exhibition will be held from today to 28 Oct 2012 at HDB Hub. Five new key ideas will mark the next phase of development in Punggol, namely:

                  a) Signature Waterfront Housing Districts
                  b) Punggol Downtown: A New Destination for the North-East Region
                  c) An Even Greener Punggol
                  d) Great Places for the Community
                  e) Moving Around Punggol
6We would like to encourage the public and industry professionals to visit the exhibition and share with us your feedback and thoughts for Punggol.

7For instance, in line with HDB’s Roadmap to develop Community-Centric Towns, one of the key ideas for Punggol touches on the creation of better public spaces for the community. HDB will look at incorporating more civic and recreational spaces in Punggol to promote community bonding.

8A new Town Hub and Town Square will be developed in the heart of the new Punggol Downtown, including a new Community Club and a new hawker centre for residents. In addition, HDB will reinforce the Coastal Promenade with pocket parks and waterfront plazas at specific nodes which tie in with our waterfront developments.

9HDB would like to hear your views and suggestions for these community spaces, as these spaces will ultimately be used by the local community.

More public spaces for community activities

New Punggol Town Square
Community Club and Hawker Centre

10As Punggol continues to grow, HDB will introduce even more greenery into the town. The existing My Waterway@Punggol and the Punggol Waterway Park will be enhanced, with green spaces expanding towards the north. Collectively, these open spaces will form the “Green Heart” of Punggol.

11Emanating from the Green Heart towards the Coastal Promenade and the park in Coney Island would be “Green Fingers” – green corridors that can be used for recreational activities such as jogging, cycling and brisk walking. One of the main “Green Fingers” would be the Old Punggol Road, which will be kept as a linear 1.5km long Heritage Trail for all to enjoy leisurely strolls, jogging and cycling amidst lush greenery. The road will be closed off to vehicular traffic.
12Similarly, HDB would like to hear your views and suggestions for these green spaces which will ultimately benefit the residents.

An even greener Punggol: Green Heart and Green Fingers

13The public can also visit the HDB InfoWEB to view the exhibition panels online, before sharing their thoughts on all the five new key ideas for Punggol.

Inaugural PEAK Forum: “Road to Better Homes – Design & Productivity”

14The HDB PEAK Forum is a new initiative targeted at industry consultants, contractors and suppliers, members of professional bodies, and tertiary students. The PEAK Forum aims to provide a platform in which industry leaders can share best practices and promote design and construction excellence in the industry.

15Given the large scale of HDB’s development programme, many of the participants are, and potentially will be HDB’s business partners. Hence, such a platform will benefit public housing since better designs, quality construction and greater productivity will help to achieve cost effective and good quality towns.

16The HDB PEAK Forum is a two-day professional event, with a focus on ‘Design Excellence’ on the first day and ‘Raising Productivity’ on the second. Participants can look forward to an exciting line-up of seminar speakers, including HDB CEO Dr Cheong Koon Hean, Mr Sonny Chan Yau San, (Designer of the Year for the President’s Design Award 2011), Mr Patrick Lee Chay Pew (HDB Design Award winner), Ms Celia Lee Sau Wah (HDB Infrastructural Design Award Winner), and Mr Leon Siow (HDB Construction Award Winner). They will share more on what good design and construction entails and how to improve productivity.

17There will also be site visits to the HDB Gallery, the Treelodge@Punggol eco-precinct, and HDB’s Punggol Waterway. Response to the PEAK Forum has been very good, with the forum and all the site visits well oversubscribed.

HDB Construction Productivity Framework

18With the new Construction Productivity Framework in place, HDB targets to raise construction productivity by 20-25 percent by 2020.

19The framework features a two-pronged approach. The first prong aims to encourage the use of innovative construction methods, while the second prong focuses on optimising current processes and systems.

First Prong – Innovative Construction Methods

20HDB will look at implementing new technologies and the use of mechanisation and automation to improve productivity. For instance, HDB is exploring technologies that facilitate mechanisation and automation to reduce on-site construction time, labour, noise and dust pollution. Automation and mechanisation also further enhance the precast production processes, thereby reducing the reliance on manual labour.

Second Prong – Optimising Current Processes and Systems

21HDB works closely with our consultants and contractors, and they play an important role in helping HDB to achieve greater productivity.

22Apart from reviewing our current construction work methods, HDB will seek to level up the capability of our consultants and contractors through regular sharing sessions on good project planning, management and construction practices. We will also encourage HDB contractors to upgrade the skills of their workers through trainings and CoreTrade certifications.