Fulfilling Housing Aspirations

Wide Range of Housing Options

In Financial Year (FY) 2017/ 2018, HDB launched 4 Build-To-Order (BTO) exercises, comprising 19 projects and 17,192 flats across mature and non-mature towns such as Geylang, Sengkang, Tampines and Woodlands. Another 7,347 flats located across various towns were offered in 2 Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) exercises.

A new sales mode, Re-Offer of Balance Flats (ROF), that pools together flats not selected in previous SBF exercises, was launched. A total of 2,100 flats was offered under 2 ROF sales exercises where 95% of the flats were set aside for first-timer families.

HDB completed a total of 31,325 new flats in the FY. These comprised 26,771 BTO units, 1,045 units under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS), and 3,509 rental units. As of 31 March 2018, 65,957 flats, comprising 62,100 BTO and SERS flats and 3,857 rental flats were under construction.

The volume of HDB resale flats increased by 5%, from 20,894 registered applications in FY 2016/ 2017 to 22,005 in the FY, an indication that demand for resale flats remained healthy.

Support for Home Buyers

There was good news all round as policies and schemes were enhanced to ensure there is a home for every budget and need.

HDB introduced BTO flats with shorter waiting time to help young couples get their homes earlier
  • To help young couples get their flats earlier, HDB commenced the construction of 1,100 flats in Sembawang, Sengkang and Yishun, ahead of their sales launches scheduled for the second half of 2018. By constructing these BTO projects ahead of their launches, first-time home buyers can look forward to a shorter waiting time of about 2.5 years from the time of application. They will also enjoy greater priority during application.

The Proximity Housing Grant was enhanced to benefit more extended families
  • From 19 February 2018, families buying a resale flat to live with their parents or children will benefit from a higher-tier Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) of $30,000. The PHG remains at $20,000 for those preferring to live within the revised proximity condition of 4 km, of each other. Eligible singles will enjoy half the grant amount for families.
  • To better support divorced parents and their children in the transition to their next housing arrangement, the 3-year time bar was lifted with effect from 6 March 2018. Both parties can now each buy or own a subsidised flat upon their divorce, as long as they meet the eligibility conditions.

The Lease Buyback Scheme enables seniors to supplement their monthly income
  • As of 31 March 2018, 2,730 households had taken up the Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS), which applies to 4-room or smaller flats. The LBS enables elderly owners to supplement their monthly income by selling part of their flat lease to HDB, while they continue to live in their homes.
  • To maintain a conducive living environment in our public housing estates, the occupancy cap for HDB flats being rented out was revised from 1 May 2018. The occupancy cap for 4-room and larger HDB flats was reduced to 6 persons, while the cap for 3-room and smaller flats remains at 6 persons and 4 persons respectively.

Help for Vulnerable Families

HDB works in close partnership with other government agencies to provide holistic support for rental flat tenants in financial hardship. This FY, 12,102 rental flat tenants were assisted under the ComCare Scheme (Short and Medium Term Assistance). HDB also helped 57 tenants who faced difficulties in paying rent to transfer to smaller rental flats.

The Fresh Start Housing Scheme was launched in 2016 to help second-timer public rental households with young children buy the more affordable 2-room Flexi flats with shorter leases. From 6 March 2018, the minimum stay requirement was reduced from the previous 2 years to 1 year, so that second-timer families who are ready can fulfil their home ownership dream earlier. As of 31 March 2018, 62 families have been placed on the Fresh Start Housing Scheme, and HDB is working with social counsellors to provide support to help these families on their journey towards home ownership.

Various housing grants and schemes are in place to help Singaporeans fulfill their home ownership dreams

The Lease Buyback Scheme enables seniors to supplement their monthly income

The Proximity Housing Grant was enhanced to benefit more extended families

Designing to Meet Evolving Needs

Meeting the needs of home buyers is the first and foremost consideration in the planning and designing of flats, precincts and facilities. Feedback is continually sourced to better understand residents’ preferences and usage patterns in relation to the external living environment, as well as the living environment within the flat and block. To this end, we have also embarked on the New Urban Kampung research programme. Leveraging big data and advanced modelling tools, we hope to gain insights into our residents’ changing needs and living habits, and their likely responses to our plans and initiatives. This will help us advance the ‘science’ behind how we plan, design and build our HDB towns.

Enabling our seniors to age-in-place calls for a holistic approach. HDB is working jointly with the Ministry of National Development (MND) and Ministry of Health (MOH) to pilot new forms of housing developments that are twinned with care services within our housing estates. We are studying potential sites for such 'assisted living' developments, which will also feature communal spaces and shared facilities to facilitate social interaction and mutual support.

HDB provides a wide range of housing options to meet the various budgets and needs of home buyers